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  1. I wonder what language they speak at home? She cant speak Serbian and he can't speak Portuguese. What language will be Valentina's mother tongue.
  2. ^ OMG the video is so cute. I love the glasses! I love her personality, shes so down to earth and sweet.
  3. Thanks alot Danni! :)

  4. ^ I thought so. I don't think anyone has a mother that looks as young as themselves.
  5. Is this Jasmine from Tinie Tempah - Till I'm Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa music video. She's only in the video for about 30 seconds. This are the screen caps I took. I'm pretty sure it's her. Could her shorts be any shorter? REALLY? She looks so young. No older than 30!
  6. Oops. Sorry I didn't see that one.
  7. Great Siggy & Av's. I rated you 5 stars. :D

  8. Adriana and Sara together pic. They look like sisters... so awesome.
  9. Is Jasmine related to them? They kinda look like siblings because the guy has the same hair and the girl has similar facial features.
  10. Do anyone know where shes from?
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Gemma Ward Caps. They are kinda blurry but they will have to do for now.
  12. I just saw the music video for her single "One" on NewNow Pop Lab On Logo, its awesome. Is it me or does she look like a model? Sky Ferreira (born July 8, 1992), is a Portuguese-American singer–songwriter and actress from Los Angeles. In July 2009 she signed a record deal with Parlophone. She is currently working with Paul Epworth, Bloodshy & Avant, Dallas Austin, Linda Perry, and more on her debut album to be released on January 11, 2011. Sky began by singing opera and gospel music. At age 11, whilst singing a gopsel song at an event, she impressed 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson so much that she made him cry.She soon became an Myspace sensation, establishing contacts and gaining fans with her music, which she describes as 'French pop / Dutch pop / Chinese pop'Sky has collaborated with The Virgins, The Shoes, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, and Aeroplane.On Friday June 26th 2009 she posted a blog on her Myspace page, discussing the death of Michael Jackson, who was a family friend. She wrote: 'I've known Michael since I was born and he supported me about my singing and has helped my family very very much. He was probably the nicest and most giving person I've ever known. There will never be another Michael Jackson. Ever.I was so fortunate to actually know him. He is one of the biggest inspirations of music. Rest in peace Michael. Thankyou for everything you've ever done.' In July 2009 she signed a record deal with EMI.
  13. I've heard them before, not a bad girl band.
  14. Heres a pic from the Ford website
  15. Darii

    Sneha Ullal

    Oh and in the movie "Current" 2009 Telugu, which I saw, she is always compared to Aish during the whole movie.
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