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  1. no. they are just really good friends. they've been friends since they were 5 years old. they would make a pretty good looking couple tho!
  2. what are they saying in the video? can someone translate it please? thank you!
  3. Gossip sites are so pathetic, Cindy Crawford?? <_< they are Emily and her husband. Naomi is with Bar in the pool pics. I agree, Some of these gossip sites need to get their facts straight! :yuckky: Thanks for the pics Sick! bar really did bumped into cindy in mexico. based on the pictures, the person bar is talking to (the one wearing a brown hat) is in fact cindy.
  4. what happened to her finger? she cut herself really deep with a knife /monthly_10_2010/post-38307-0-1593894606-99916_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="antena02_galeria_portrait.jpg"> /monthly_10_2010/post-38307-0-1593894607-06567_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="antena04_galeria_portrait.jpg"> thanks for the info chic!
  5. kk is in america's next top model as a guest judge. she was great! she was also in chuck last week and this girl can act. she kicked some a**
  6. look at sergio ramos' shirt. it's so adorable!!
  7. The Real Madrid keeper made his way through the hotel doors on Monday night With the arrival of Iker Casillas, the only players sttill on holiday are Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos. Jose Mourinho now has 27 players to work with and soon will have his full squad on hand.
  8. have you guys seen this video? the fans were so mean to iker!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpdZlSOu6Uc...player_embedded
  9. maybe..other spanish players are already in LA. ramos was also seen in the airport. i want to see iker back on the field
  10. are they dating?? they are so flirty! or maybe they are just really close friends...
  11. imafan


    i never knew she had a tattoo
  12. imafan


    thanks for the new pictures! i missed adriana's modeling. she's really like an angel, very gorgeous! i'm excited for the new victoria's secret fashion show this year because she'll be back.
  13. they're good friends. i hoped that the writers didn't kill anna at the end of season 1. i liked her chemistry with steven
  14. thanks for the pictures Chic_Raul_ista! i agree that he looks like a little boy. especially with that hair. i've read in one of his interviews that he cut his hair so that he would look like a father but the new hair made him look younger
  15. gorgeous! is he single now?
  16. this one's funny hahaha he's so hotttt!!
  17. hey guys! have you seen ian's guest role appearance in tell me you love me? he had lots of scenes wherein he is shirtless and naked.
  18. is that guy jay lyon? her ex-boyfriend? its nice to see some old photos of miranda. she always look fresh
  19. no new pics of iker? maybe he is hiding from the paparazzi in LA. when is he joining real madrid's training? kaka and higuain already joined the team's practice yesterday.
  20. is that a tattoo on her back?? or is it just a mole? her body is just average. not so sexy but at least we know that she eats. she got some curves
  21. thanks for the pictures Chic_Raul_ista!
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