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  1. Where are u? :(

    We must keep Soyrea alive :rofl:

  2. :o :( :hug:

    I don't really like any of the new models atm :/ but I recommend that u check the HIT threads again :shifty:

  3. You better be cautious :persuazn:

  4. :laugh: It's the only reason that makes sense :| coz he totally got destroyed at the AO :O

  5. I would still suggest that u stay away from that evil stuff :| I don't want anything like that ever happening to u again :hug:

  6. Something with at least one of the H.I.T models :shifty:

    These days I'm pretty much doing the same thing. Singstar rocks. Anything involving karaoke does :laugh:

  7. Yeah the sig is funny too :laugh:

  8. Moi sexily :O I don't feel it at the moment :/

    What are u up to? :)

  9. It's about time. I was beginning to think u left us :(

    How have u been Panida? :)

  10. Yay first comment :clap:

    How are u?:)

  11. I'm good thanks, and yourself? :)

  12. It makes u think that Roger let him win at the kooyong cup :laugh:

  13. Hey Miss sexily :P

  14. I love your avi Soyee :laugh:

  15. hey litchi choker :shifty:

  16. Hey Susanna :wave:

    Will u ever put a personal photo up? :shifty:

  17. Yello sanja :wave:

  18. Roguezy Rogue Roguez. Nothing much atm. I'm about to go sleep :sleep: What are up to? :)

  19. finish that sentence properly :persuazn:

  20. Federer pretty much kicked Roddick's ass :laugh:

  21. I hope u don't break any bones too :|

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