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  1. Ah cool! Thanks! That's what I thought but I wasn't sure. EDIT: I figured out who girl #2 is - Kinga Rajzak.
  2. Awesome! Thanks! I knew she looked very familiar. Now I really feel stupid.
  3. HQ of the Gilt Groupe photos:
  4. Backstage at Odilon show, source: @TEMPTU's twitter account.
  5. Source: Don Smith Photographs Facebook
  6. Yay! Go Jane! You're on Bellazon now!
  7. No! She was one of my favorites... Sad day.
  8. Very beautiful. I can see that she has braces, but she should smile with her teeth more often anyway. Source: http://dakota-richards.net/
  9. Whoa! She looks like a replicant from Blade Runner.
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