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  1. The male model is Anthony Vibert. Not sure if i spelled his name correctly.
  2. How can this be a real cover at all? Is this a stollen reprint without having the rights to publish it? We all know it is a photo from a Kenar campaign. It is a crime to use photos in such a way. A real magazine cover of a model is ONLY a cover where the model posed for!
  3. It looks a bit like Doutzen, but it is not her for sure
  4. Is this by Jaques Olivar? I think he took some of her best photos ever!!!
  5. I sent a private message to you
  6. I collect both Shalom and Brandi and you can see this on my internet website dedicatef to all the models i collect:)
  7. I have this editorial on my website, it is from Marie Claire Japan dated November 1992 and there are 2 more pages with a spread of her laying in a car. Great editorial. Wish i could find her other work for Japanease mags. There is an ed by Max Vadukul with a gorgeous shot, hope to see it one day...
  8. Yes, it is Kristen, please keep it for me if you tear the mag apart.
  9. I disagree with your opinion and it has nothing to do with what i stated. However Linda is not competing with anyone, never was, never will be. She is an established model(i hope you already know that) and models of such level can choose what project to be a part of. And there is no money in an ugly editorial by a freaky photographer whoose work he is lucky to be published in big magazines. Linda probably has a friendly connection with S.Klein since they worked in the past and did some better projects. Linsa simply enjoys being transformed into different characters and probably she though this would be cool. I have not seen the magazine in real yet, so the images might be ok, but according to my personal opinion and preference, the work of Steven Klein is extremely unattractive and dreadful. And big models always have the chance to choose,even be capricious as you said. This will never change, at least not with big models. Linda already is a big model and she is not desperate for money. Never was any way. They just get too many good options for work and they can not accept all. Simply because it is impossible physically. Only starving models compete and nowadays most models look so awful...i am speechless. But this is a place to enjoy, celebrate and appreciate Linda's work, so let's do that😉
  10. Elle Australia 1/1999, scanned by me:
  11. So, has anyone ever discovered the truth behind her absence and what really happened with those accusations. I am sure even half of what the press wrote about her is not true. I would love to find out the real story...
  12. I already posted the first Bazaar cover a few posts ago....oh well
  13. Escada spring 2000, scanned by me:
  14. Sonia Rykiel , scanned by me:
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