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  1. Great adds, Arnold ! Thank you
  2. @nadineleopold : What makes my job special is that i meet so many great people along the way, some of them who i call my family on this crazy journey now. I couldnt be more grateful
  3. Edit (sorry... I wasn't at the right place )
  4. OMG ! Thank you so much, Bruno ! You made my day Sara is such a beauty on these pics So classy an elegant
  5. @lilyaldridge : Carolina Herrera by Mario Testino @MarioTestino @artofseduction #Fragrance @houseofherrera #MarioTestino
  6. @hoskelsa : just spotted @lilltrill after a month of abstinens
  7. @vitasidorkina : Hair time before my interview...
  8. @emrata : Don't get between me and my ! thanks Refinery29 and Primark for a wonderful night in NYC! #PrimarkUSA #pastaloverforlife
  9. @sarasampaio : Missed this one!!!!!! @brycethompson8
  10. Source : Angel Sara Sampaio's twitter
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