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  1. pleasure to meet you. :)

  2. yeah; she did! hahaha; anyways; im Leah. & your names; Daniella, right? :P

  3. i do. I think she's perfect for the role! I love Rosie Hungtington Whitely; but for Transformers? Idk.. Megan For The Win! haha.

  4. haha thanks. (: i love Megan too. :D

  5. Yeah.. i think that would be bettter. lol. ill pm you.

  6. was it ? lol.. then it must have been a pretty long time agoo . xD so ; what shall we talk about now ? In the current time being ? (:

  7. i've been great ; thankss . iHavent spoken to you in a longggg ass time .. lol.

  8. xD how have you been?

  9. Im great (: & No . Not anymore.. that was just a momentary thing that i got caught up in the moment & i thought it would last forever.. & now .. im at the moment just hanging around..

  10. OMG! Hey! Happy Late Easter to you hunnie (: How have you been?! :O it feels like forever since the last time i've spoken to you. :D

  11. Hiya Sweetie:D They're great! Haha they send their greetings ;) Howz are you hunnie?

  12. Hey! (: How are you? Long time no speak; eh ?

  13. aw .. :( i hope you feel better sweetie . Im great :D ; just tired .. haha . But otherwise im good :)

  14. Jude! ; <3 how are ya ? :D

  15. haha yeah, IMO Candice is pretty but not stunning, but i do love her. :D I do tend to see a lot of girls who look like her .. but thats just my opinion. still love her though!

  16. thank you(: i love your name! :D haha um.. well i like Candice Swanepoel, G. Bundchen, Behati Prinsloo, etc.. too many to name! lmao, and quite a few high fashion models.

  17. yeah i'm a fan haha its pretty damn obvious with my pic of Bar. hehe, im Leah, by the way. :D

  18. Hello :) haha yeah i've seen you around alot especially in the Bar forum, im guessing your a fan, ehh? I love her :D

  19. Hola Diegito(: como estas hoyy?

  20. hahaha si te entiendo. completamente. (: nos hablamos por mensage mejor?

  21. ay gracias a Dios, que me entiendes! hahahah XD y el grupito es?

  22. ay, que pena! es que sabes que? Bellazon es un dolor en el culo, aveces.. entonces,estoy pensando de ir me.Hay personas aqua que no tienen gracia. Pero tu si tienes (: y he estado bien, gracias. y tu?

  23. just stopping by to say hey(:

  24. gracias gracias:D bueno el lunes voy a Alemania. El es un "German Marine" entonces.. el es Aleman. Y depsues a un cruseo a las Bahamas.

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