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  1. hahaha! i was thinking of that. lol. too bad they cant like jump over each other.. they're too damn tall. especially my man.

  2. hahaha. Split them up into dance groups! hahah

  3. i know(: lol..

  4. Lol. yuuup(: im going to laugh my ass off.


  6. Lmao. I will filmm it:D hahahaha XD

  7. hahaha! OMG. that is a good idea. lol. & yuup add me as a friend. They shall dance with each other. hahah

  8. ohh yeahh definitleyy(: hahah i thought you asked me how can i add you as a friend. loll

  9. hahaha i am(: he would definitley take me hahaha whaddaya mean?

  10. lol. shit, i should have done that. Lmfao XD = they would listen to me (:

  11. hahaha noo. lol. I should havee. :D

  12. hahaha the funnest date we had is when he took me to a military base. lol

  13. NO! hahaah im just saying i remember it lol..

  14. hahaha trueee. lol. i remember our first datee

  15. he will own the person who tries to attack me.

  16. Lmao. iknow. my bodyguard, too :D

  17. hahaha he lifts 85 lb weights! Lmao. He can benchpress me:)

  18. hahah XD height doesnt matter in a relationship .. at least he is strong enough to put me on his back when im tired of walking on the streett. Lol

  19. lol.. i will(: 5 inch heels. that i wear. im like 6'3 in those LMFAO

  20. hahaha XD i have straight =P and a sexy outfit. lol.

  21. yuuup. Im going to do curls on my hair that day XD

  22. I ALWAYS dress nicee lol. He always gives me a rose on each date. Lol.

  23. ahahaha thatss whaat im thinkinng Lolll. Im super duper excited now XD i get extra kisses on my neck. yessss. Lmao

  24. ya xD he is gorgeous. periiod. loll. he sent me an email a few minutes ago. Saying that he has to ask me something important on tuesday XD

  25. yepp. He is Germann.

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