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  1. i always pictured it ahahha XD nope, back to Germany. but he doesnt have to go back for months. yayy.

  2. seems like engagement.. definitley. yay. i get to be a military wife like i wanted to be when i was little! ahaha XD

  3. hahah yupp. XD is the next big step marriage? :)

  4. he was lol when he was in highschool. (: and basketball team,too.

  5. iknoww(: hahaha 6'9, blueeyes, blonde hair:D is his description.

  6. hahaha 5'1 is the perfect height(: and yeahh hes TALL. i think hs going to make it up to 7'.

  7. Lmfao. thankk yuu(: i usedd to playy mommy when i was 5. lol.

    i look likee a midget nexxt to himm hahah hes 6'9 and im 5'10 (: buut whaateverr

  8. every time i talk with him he says that.. :) ilove him so muchh:D..

  9. hahaha. he has been telling me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.. next big step, perhaps?

  10. 4 years. lol. since i was 15. and he was 16.

  11. hahhaa especially my tummy(: but everywhere else too. :D he was the happiest person in the world when i told him!

  12. He is inn the German Mariness(: many kisses i shall expect.. (:

  13. hahaha nicee. well, im happy because.. my bf is coming back on tuesday(:

  14. heyy chicaa! not really. -_- lol. thanks for askinng. andd howw aree youu?

  15. yeahh(: thankk chuu'

  16. likee a shiitloadd of krapp.. Lmaoo. Myy backk is killinng mee. & myy cousinn iss inn collegee, so imm aloneee. & thee other folkks aree ouut.

  17. yeah, i understand.

  18. heyy.. did i do somethingg? :(

  19. hiyaa babee. gottt my messagee ?

  20. welll forr a girl .. Isabella or Rose.

  21. planning, we talked about it and we wanted to have this child. :D so, yay.

  22. hahaha myy cousinn.

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