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  1. Are these recent? Cause Melanie doesn't look too bad here!
  2. Sad thing is.... there are Gia's all around us.... lend a helping hand!! (guess I am a little melodramatic today....) :yuckky:
  3. He is so friggin HOT!!!! First caught my eye in GI Jane (where he gives Demi Moore a hard time), than Lord of the Rings!!! Wow, a REAL guy!!!! sigh...... oh my word....
  4. Biography for Viggo Mortensen Date of birth (location) 20 October 1958, Manhattan, New York, USA Birth name Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. Nickname Vig Height 5' 11" (1.80 m) Viggo is the eldest son of Grace and Viggo P. Mortensen. His father, who farmed in Denmark, met his mother, a New Yorker, in Norway. They wed and moved to New York where Viggo Jr. was born, before moving to South America where Viggo Sr. managed chicken farms and ranches in Venezuela and Argentina. Two more sons were born, Charles and Walter, before the marriage grew increasingly unhappy. When Viggo was seven, his parents sent him to a a strict boarding school, isolated in the foothills of the mountains of Argentina. Then, at age eleven, his parents divorced. His mother moved herself and the children back to her home state of New York. Viggo attended Watertown High School and became a very good student and athlete. He graduated in 1976 and went on to St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. After graduation, he moved to Denmark - driven by the need for a defining purpose in life. He began writing poetry and short stories while working many odd jobs, from dock worker to flower seller. But, in 1982, he fell in love and followed his girlfriend back to New York City, hoping for a long romance and a writing career. He got neither. In New York, Viggo found work waiting tables and bar tending and began taking acting classes. Three years later, he made his film debut with a small part in Witness (1985). Moving to Los Angeles in 1987, he appeared in Salvation! (1987) and married his co-star, Exene Cervenka. The two had a son, Henry Mortensen. But after ten years of marriage, the couple divorced. In 1999, Viggo got a phone call about a movie he didn't know anything about: The Lord of the Rings. At first, he didn't want to do it, because it would mean time away from his son. But Henry, a big fan of the books, told his father he shouldn't turn down the role. Viggo accepted the part and immediately began work on the project, which was already underway. Eventually, the success of Lord of the Rings made him a household name - a difficult consequence for the ever private and introspective Viggo. Mortensen is also an accomplished poet, photographer and painter. Info from IMDB
  5. nah.... you can have him! LOL!
  6. Wow, she looks like Alexis Bledel!!! And she is gonna play Janis Joplin! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384141/
  7. She is cute! She reminds me of Leah Remini (Carry in King of Queens) a bit! Leah: http://leah.gubbelgubbel.de/images/leah20.jpg Is this her father? http://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/bildst...0/?img=2.2#bild http://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/bildst.../?img=12.2#bild
  8. BrownEyesGirl!! What a beautiful editorial!!!!! Thanks for posting!!!! From what mag and when is this? Also thanks for the Dutch Elle cover and shoot! About time, Dutch mags use their Dutch mega model stars!!!
  9. I think you are right!!! Thanks so much Persuazn!!!!! http://www.3dmodelagency.com/detail.asp?im...d=0&sexid=2
  10. She's on the cover of Dutch Glamour this month! http://www.glamour.nl/index.php?id=1513&am...;parent_id=1513 The candidates of "Hollands Next Topmodel" show she will host: http://www.glamour.nl/index.php?id=1515&am...;parent_id=1515 At first glimps, Marcia, 27 yrs old is my favourite. Show will air here on September 4th!!
  11. And you don't like her? Avi is HOT btw!!! 9
  12. Really?? WOW!! Who is the broad in your avi? Don't know her, hot though, 7.
  13. Had this pic for ages on my computer, now I finally want to know... Who is this girl?
  14. Some beauties I found on tFS: And Kate Moss looking amazingly like BB here, great pic. Warning Nudity http://img108.imageshack.us/my.php?image=11323393020iy7.jpg
  15. Hmm, not really into Gemma. The avi pic is a little boring, so 6,5. I like your signature much better, thats a 9!
  16. Loved her with the black hair..... and the old nose.....
  17. She is such a cool gal! I her!!
  18. Sorry, I can't read in French, can you translate it in English?
  19. warning nudity: http://img60.imageshack.us/my.php?image=br...allery643mt.jpg
  20. Your welcome! Some more from the same era.
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