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  1. You are a fan of The Neighborhood, as well? :P

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      Why yes I do enjoy their music from time to time. Actually my ladies younger sister listens to them all the time :D Not too shabby though. They originated just a few miles from where I live too. You a big fan I assume?

    2. ILUVAdrianaLima



  2. Everything else we detest, destest

  3. Pretty sure Tom Hardy is my one true love.

  4. Happy Native American Slaughter Day!

  5. Pussy pop all day, errday.

  6. Mamoncillo overdose... Pretty sure I've got one.

  7. Boobies are glass proof. Fact.

  8. Magic Mike can have all my money.

  9. I want to drink OKC fan's sweet sweet tears tonight.

  10. Kanye West is God. You mad?

  11. Because it just is... IT JUST IT!

  12. Fuck underwear, man.

  13. 100 Montaditos is delicious.

    1. Jennka


      Finally! Hope you´ll stay for longer now :) I missed you comments. Don´t you dare to leave again! :)

  14. Migraines are fixed with natural white cheddar cheetos.

    1. Jennka


      Where the hell have you been???

  15. <3!!! How are ya hun?

  16. You are honestly one of the most flawless posters on here. Amy fan? Success. Knows ONTD? Sucess. Amazing taste in models? Success. You are amazing, tbh. As for being a poster! I am! My username is 'possevi'. ;)

  17. Back up to four! Thank god someone upped you, we all know the WORST thing to happen to someone on this forum is getting a demerit...

  18. Thank you hun! Hahaha, I swear it's not my intention to drive you crazy. :hug:

  19. You would be too! I've been telling Joe forever that you and Pheno need some power around here.

  20. Your member title brings a tear to my eye. lol Thanks for the shout out sweetie. <3

  21. As soon as I can get you on skype, I'll lay it all out for you.

  22. It actually does!

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