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  1. some of Feature Label: Without Backbones Spring 2009 from thefashionisto
  2. is this video somewhere here? i checked and i didn't notice so: ta-dam it's awesome! xD
  3. yeah zach is nice but look at jeremy!! xD he's totally cute in this video!
  4. i love him! he looks like Ken xD
  5. mahaha. that actually made me LOL Little kitties love hot Brazilians ...
  6. Rory Torrens & Dennis Klaffert by Fabien Kruszelnicki
  7. Rory Torrens by Hutch For Platinum Love
  8. yeah, that's true. Gen has really unique appearance. he'd be good as an actor.
  9. really damien? i wasn't thinking about that in that way you know, momen have intuition
  10. OMG!! wedding's pics are so cute!! :hehe: thanks damien!
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