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  1. Exactly I completely agree you. It's a kind of rude, because she has been to their casting and was chosen as one of the girls "that are booked" and then they changed their opinion about her Anyway - Chanel fashion show is ways better than Carachel. Barbara is a gret model and she's working fine
  2. She was told that she was too curvy, which is pretty mean. Because she has been also to the casting. And was canceled right after. She was upset and left the fitting. I heard this story from girls, who have been with her in the fitting
  3. Barbara was unfortunately canceled for one fashion show in Paris -> Carachel She's been already on the fitting and then she was sent home through a creepy reason
  4. I agree you on the point that she's underrated. She's doing not many shows, but many editorials. Simona is with Nathalie Models in Paris. One of the best agencies there. See Tetyana M., Olga Sherer, Lisanne de Jong, Iran etc. I would like to see her walking in more shows in the next season.
  5. Elena from Modelplus in Milan. She's amazing More pics and infos can be seen here: http://allaboutmodels.net/elena-zhdanova-c...an-noah-models/ allaboutmodels.net
  6. She's been in Korea and Taiwan. Masha worked for many editorials there - covers too. I'm still having hopes to see her back on the runways. But I doubt this ..
  7. This is Emma Landen from Pulse Management. She's one of the upcoming stars in the business and has already contracts in the major cities. There is one girl with a memorable look and marvelous skills in front of the camera. She
  8. Emma Landen from Pulse Management. She's amazing and has already contracts all over the world ... You can read + see more about her in the following link http://allaboutmodels.net/emma-landen-pulse-management/ allaboutmodels.net
  9. I'm not conviced by her in print and tests. But I'm love with her presence on the runway.
  10. I'm in love with Zhang Xu Chao - She walked for some shows in SS 11 http://allaboutmodels.net/zhang-xu-chao-es...nd-muse-models/ allaboutmodels.net
  11. I'm in love with Zhang Xu Chao - She walked for some shows in SS 11 http://allaboutmodels.net/zhang-xu-chao-es...nd-muse-models/ allaboutmodels.net
  12. I saw her in Paris at a casting. She was looking great. I'm really confused, because she booked not many shows In my opinion she could get much more shows
  13. I took this picture of her after Kenzo - http://allaboutmodels.net/hannah-holman-paris-fashion-week/ Hannah Holman at Elite Models by Samira Shekova after Kenzo allaboutmodels.net
  14. I'm too lazy to post the whole editorial here, but Caroline is in a 10 pages editorial in the new German Vogue It can bee seen here with the infos http://allaboutmodels.net/german-vogue-car...brasch-nielsen/ allaboutmodels.net
  15. I'm too lazy to post the whole editorial here - but Kathrin Thormann has a 10 pages editorial in the new German Vogue it's amazing You can see the editorial here - http://allaboutmodels.net/german-vogue-nov...atrin-thormann/ German Vogue - November Issue Model: Katrin Thormann at SeeDS & Women Management allaboutmodels.net
  16. New snaps from Magdalena ) http://allaboutmodels.net/magdalena-fracko...dna-elite-tess/ Magdalena Frackowiak @ Model+ (Poland), DNA Models (New York), Elite Models (Milan & Paris) and Tess Management (London) It’s certain that probably all of us know Magdalena Frackowiak. She’s one of the leading top models in the history. Magdalena Frackowiak, who started in 2006 with some lovely polish editorials battled herself in only a few months on top and worked since that moment for every – simple every big brand that comes in our minds. From Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin up to a vast number of the covers of the most precious magazine in the world – VOGUE. Well, Magdalena’s modeling career is managed by some of the best modeling agencies in the world such as Model+ in Poland, DNA Models in New York City, Elite Models in Milan & Paris and Tess Management in London. Today we have a little surprise for you. You can see in the pictures above and below Magdalena’s new polaroids …. allaboutmodels.net
  17. I'm in love with this shoot allaboutmodels.net
  18. I'm having to start from now on to share my pictures from Paris on my website. I counted the days the next fashion week isn't far away but my pictures are too much too post until February ... So, I'm starting with one pic of Jac. I'll put in some weeks some more from her online. I published the in the following link http://allaboutmodels.net/jac-paris-fashion-week/ but here it is as well Jac at IMG Models by Samira Shekova after Giambattista Valli allaboutmodels.net
  19. I don't think so, that she could do beauty and cosmetic. Her body is high fashion at all. She's not commercial at the moment imo she is with out a doubt too thin for boring catalog stuff (which is not a bad thing!!) but I can defnitely see her in some expensive contracts ... like VS show (with the years )and beauty campaigns (using these gorgeous face not the body) anyway some newer digis from http://modelsandstyle.wordpress.com/ I like her A LOT ! I agree you for VS - Her new polaroids are mind blowing.
  20. I agree you. That's great I see in Ivana a young Johanna Stickland .... She's from the Czech Republic and working with Bohemia Model Management. More can be read here about her http://allaboutmodels.net/ivana-slozilova-...del-management/ Ivana Slozilova @ Bohemia Model Management (Czech Republic) allaboutmodels.net
  21. I'm in love with her new editorials Did Straulino these editorials ?
  22. She's such a cute and nice girl in person. Always time for pictures - for short conversations etc. Yasmina Muratovich at Next Management by Samira Shekova after Collette Dinnigan (Paris fashion week) I met Yasmina often during my Paris trip. She is a very nice, has always time for a picture and she is natural. All about Models wishes Yasmina many good show seasons. allaboutmodels.net
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