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  1. SlyFoxHound is EPIC!

    i'm rolling!

  2. amy jackson...and you're welcome.
  3. pm me a mail address

  4. and in my opinion there are just too many! why would i want 3 gifs of a video when i could just dl the video? know what i mean?

  5. btw the reason why i dont come here more often is because of all the gif-spammers nowadays. it just bothers me...a lot.

  6. Hope Amelia Solo (born July 30, 1981, in Richland, Washington) is an American soccer goalkeeper who currently plays for the magicJack of Women's Professional Soccer. -http://www.hopesolo.com -https://www.facebook.com/hopesolo -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Solo -http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=hope+solo
  7. i'm on my summer holidays and have almost nothing to do :D.

    i visited an art-exhibit yesterday and saw Wolfgang Joop on his bike,

    got google+ and realized that it isn't much fun when you're the only one on there and i started watching Mad Men last week and i'm on the 4th season already.

    How is marriage treating you?

  8. want a google+ invite?

  9. (ctrl+c ctrl+v = )"Well, damn. I guess your right."

    ...when are u online?

  10. gimme yo skype!

  11. i cannot visit your FB profile anymore... what happened?

  12. There's quite a few tumblr blogs about her. Just google search ' Candice Swanepoel Tumblr ' just tumblr-search "Candice Swanepoel" http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/candice+swanepoel
  13. "Summer Fragrances Event" via vspressroom.com
  14. And that really is great!

    but at some point i just have the feeling that it probably annoys you when too many people leave pointless comments or absurd videos of men smoking while showering f.e.

  15. that one as well but to be honest it's yours (no hard feelings intended). but missing out on 2 days of action throws you back about a page or two.your thread is like one of the busiest on BZ,don't you think?

  16. i'm here!

    but there's nothing i can say which hasn't already been said and/or i get confused with the sheer amount of posts in one particular thread that i'm not able to grab the "golden thread" and actually hold on to it. putting all of that aside now...how was your past week (including the fancy wedding)?

  17. [GLaDos]Anyway, this cake is great.

    It’s so delicious and moist.

    Look at me still talking

    when there’s Science to do.[/GLaDos]

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