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  1. how the hell does this thing work?

  2. should i start with the first season?

  3. For a guy who likes Community,arrested development,scrubs, mad men, archer, better off ted,himym,dr.house,the walking dead, etc. etc...would you recommend Dr.Who to him?

  4. same here. 2 more months to finals (different school system) and after that i'm done with regular school.

  5. how's school jude?

  6. *tears*

    i'll be calling you professor from now on!


    what is it that you teach in writing?

    do you analyze books or writing styles?

  7. i did and

    they look swell!

    also...i've started using it as well...but more like a diary type of thing.

  8. hey Baron,

    i'm doing ok,thanks...only have about 3 more months of school to attend to and then it's off to uni (...or smth...i still have no idea what i want to study).

    'n' how have you been?

  9. i promise!

    and yes, all of them.

    even in 1080p if you're interested.

  10. that you did tell me...did you take any pictures? i'd really want to see them!

    i'm about to finish school in no more than 5 months ....yeah

  11. hey man,

    havent heard from you in a long time. what are you up to these days and what have you done all this time you werent here?

    i've just finished writing my term paper about colonial influence on Singapore and hong kong...yeah...

  12. i did nazi that coming!

    (i think i should be allowed to laugh about nazi jokes cause i'm half polish....or because they're funny)

  13. t'was just the same thing everyone else said...i just wanted to make it special :D

  14. alles gute zum geburtstag,limer!

  15. i forgot the password/username to the old one...i have a new blog though

  16. (.Y.)- well...i only followed the women's World Cup in Germany 'cause there really was nothing else to watch on TV. And I'd rather watch women play with balls for 90 minutes instead of men.

  17. ...Now I'll have to imagine you in a poncho while wearing flip flops and with a beer in the one hand on your way to an asado where you'd address everyone as 'mate' hihi:D

  18. not really,but i thought it would be funny if you'd just walk by the streets minding your own business and then all of the sudden a man jumps out of the bush and sang ...Ehhhh Macarena!

    (i've to laugh everytime i think about that :D)

  19. I tried that DrawMyThing game the other night...

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