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  1. That's what you'd like to think huh? :P Ya but that's probably true :P

  2. Yummy! Dam is she looking great, thanks!
  3. Oh Carla.. the things i'd do too you Great pics again Thx
  4. Your so cool. Not.

  5. That's cause rox is secretly in love with me. But she denies it.

  6. O.o Rox accepted me, about time. And ya i like the sound of that word :P

  7. Well, it was just the whole messaging deal and what not enjoyed talking to you :P I've just been busy again and GG got sacrificed. But soon msg about it. ;)

  8. EEEEK! So dam purty :shock: Yay for PlayGirl! And your welcome my dear Thank you once again
  9. BLUE LIPS! Playgirl knows my weakness so badly Thanks again!
  10. Schwam? What is that? lol

  11. Tell her you know a weirdo in Belgium who is a big fan. Same about a fan in Canada too
  12. ^^ I second that :Dinah: She's so lovely
  13. Hey, sry. Haven't watched the new GG episodes in a bit, been doing some other stuff. Gonna try to watch 3-4 episodes tomorrow and monday. Or maybe complete the season! O.o And hope your doing well.

  14. Slight Nudity but w/e Alina, my dear is back
  15. Probably board changes. Just double check your board settings anyways. But mine stopped to.
  16. O.o pretty! Just stunning eyes though amazing eyes really lovely. Thanks!
  17. Limer to the rescue! My scans :Dinah: Her feet are soo
  18. Posts from PlayGirl Oh my so lovely Thank you! I missed your posts
  19. I bought it. I'll scan em in a Bit ed They're sooooo hot
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