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  1. Very defined lips in these posts, thanks PlayGirl! That 2nd pic was amazing!
  2. Omg :shock: Just amazing eyes in this add here! Thanks PlayGirl
  3. So far the dog is calm today, just chilling out on the chair all curled up. So imma start watching ;) Give you a msg after 3-5 episodes!

  4. Limerlight


    Habs came out slow, and didn't play well at all. Halak had little to no chance to save the goals. Flyers carried out the same game plan and the momentum from the Boston series. While Niemi was fantastic for Chicago, just amazing.
  5. That's lil nacho pup :) I took that one just over a week ago I think now. And i'm good, just been busy looking after the other dog since she got spaded. You?

  6. To be honest, I've been too busy looking after my dog. She just got spaded (lady parts removed) So i've had to watch her constantly. Probably start trying again today. And ya! Season finale eh? Enjoy that :P NO SPOILING! :persuazn:

  7. Lovely pictures PlayGirl Flower for you Thanks (the one with the dog in it amazing feet!)
  8. Old ones but good ones Reposts probably, but does it matter?
  9. No problem ;) When my parents divorced i went through some stuff but i'm better for it. The move will end up doing good for ya don't worry ;)

  10. O.o So it is Sasha! I thought she looked familiar. Thanks :flower:

  11. O.o Ophelia, who's the purty blonde on your about me page! And btw, Liking mass effect so far :D

  12. ^^ Who dat? I feel like i've seen her before But dam
  13. Go for it. Math was so hard lol i don't blame you ;)

  14. Thanks nessy! Never seen those ones. So purty Just stunning what a beautiful bride Wish her the best!
  15. How's Eagle, Iceeagle doin today?

  16. :( It'll be okay don't worry.

  17. Ah yes the move :(

  18. Hey how's you?

  19. Talking to Rox, and watching hockey ;) You?

  20. Fine, your free to probe my mind for the day til your day gets better okay? ;)

  21. Then how come i blocked you? :)

  22. Well you know, i don't enjoy being probed, but i thought it was someone else so i blocked it but then i realized it was you so i went back and read your mind. Nice try though ;) Better luck next time?

  23. No, i felt you trying to probe my mind, but then i blocked you so i could message you first ;)

  24. ^_^ Well i read your mind and just beat ya to it ;)

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