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  1. Both supermodels, but who wore better (hotter) ?
  2. larger cover picture http://celebdaily.com/img4.php?img=dariawe...ecalendar01.jpg
  3. Except Gisele, she still worked for other fashion brands when she was VS angel.
  4. HQ credits: stamina @ bmodels.blogspot.com http://bmodels.blogspot.com/2009/05/gisele...er-2009_15.html backstage http://bmodels.blogspot.com/2009/05/gisele...ummer-2009.html
  5. Sky HDTV ph. Andre Schiliro
  6. Just look the body and you can also know that's her.....
  7. Join to the free member of her official site, and you can get many sources, including the wallpaper calendar per month and newsletter very good job aaadolls!
  8. You mean this one? That's from her official wallpaper calendar in June
  9. from official site, enjoy:         《Gisele Completa》
  10. SILVA


    some old CMs vsangels_300k.wmv VS_ShapingDemi.mp43.wmv vsangels_300k.wmv VS_ShapingDemi.mp43.wmv
  11. http://ep-bko.com/ epbko07a_base.wmv epbko07a_base.wmv
  12. larger (and click to more larger: 1200x1800)
  13. Sasha Pivovarova ┆ Vogue (India) , October 2007 (the 1st issue) ph. Paulo Roversi scanned by silva
  14. Thanks for your add. Gisele 4ever

  15. do you have those pix in HQ? I wish I have.... but here is the product site KOSE Esprique Precious
  16. You can download from here (KOSE Japan site): http://ep-bko.com/asx/07s30_500.asx http://ep-bko.com/asx/06w30_500.asx The CM slogan in Japanese means "Adult but Lovely". That's really a good defination of Gemma
  17. SILVA


    where did you get the pic of your signature? (http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/6858/cxfcfd1vn.jpg) Would you please post the original file? Many thanks... Sorry I found it
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