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  1. Happy Birthday Artur dear <3

  2. :o Artur , you just back for awhile :o

    Why didn't you post? Too busy? :(

    We miss you!

    Happy Birthday :hug:

  3. Sum, busy sch life? :/

  4. Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Where are you? :(

    Merry Christmas ^_^

  6. Heeey!!! :) How are you? I like your taste for boys ^^ .. We both like Hugo and as I have seen, Ash too! Aaand, can you tell me, who was the beautiful red-haired boy on your avatar?? Some time ago.. :33

  7. Oh! He looks so good in those candids with Kelly! She's so lucky!! Thanks for those Festat. So funny with Cole! I wish Ash was there too! :brows:
  8. Thanks for all those pics mowie!
  9. You're welcome faget! He is gorgeous!!
  10. Thanks naila! I love the first pic. He looks so good!!
  11. ^ WOW! He looks so good! Thanks for all the pics...So sexy!
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