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  1. If she in fact cut her hair, which appears to be the case, then Im guessing she's doing it because she landed an exclusive in Paris (most likely Givenchy). I can't see VS letting it effect their crush on her though. If anything, they'll just slap a wig on her from now on.
  2. Don't most SI girls have that problem these days?
  3. Selita's commercial will be for a fashion show that comes on the BET channel. I'm note sure how VS will be involved
  4. Yeah, they seemed to have started heavily using her for swim right after the show. I was surprise to see both her and Bregje there. Any word if Miranda or Chanel ever showed up?
  5. So the commercial being filmed in Miami supposedly includes Adriana, Doutzen, Lais, Erin, Candice, Elyse Taylor, Behati, and Bregje. This is such an interesting cast
  6. I honestly think the VS team are the most illogical in this discussion. Many of their recent choices for both angels and non-angels make no sense to me, especially whenever you hear their pompous remarks in their casting videos always seem to contradict their actual decisions, but thats a topic for another thread.
  7. That happens to quite a few models, unfortunately. Look at Marisa, for example; it took them over five years to actually cast her
  8. No, I mean prominent in terms of the amount of catalog work they get. Lily is the most featured brunette, in terms of print work. Heidi was pregnant in the 2003 show (her bump was alot more obvious when she went on the Conan O'Brien show to promote the show) and Oluchi was pregnant during the 2006 show. Both of them already had substantial cleavage (to say it tactfully), which is one of the reasons why it wasnt that noticeable. That said, Heidi's hips were more pronounced in 2003 and Oluchi's face was fuller in 2006.
  9. So, now two of the prominent Brunettes will be absent in upcoming catalogs? I wonder how their work will be distributed amongst the others. Also, are Ale, Lily, Heidi, and Oluchi the only models that walked the VSFS while pregnant?
  10. They did the same thing for Emanuela in 2010 and 2011...
  11. Well did she go to the casting? I would assume so, considering that she was working with them that week.
  12. I wonder why she didn't walk for VS this year. Then again, I continually wonder that for Cintia, Marloes, etc <_<
  13. Emanuela had a larger contract with Next clothing. I doubt VS wanted to play second fiddle. I do wonder why they passed up Gracie for Lais, though, considering how much work she has done for them
  14. Yeah, there's always that <_< I definitely don't Chanel as an Angel, but I dont think that they should continue this musical chairs with their black models.
  15. Not counting that time where they "introduced" Emanuela and Chanel as angels, is this the first time that they have two black* angels? *black as in considerable black African descent (I know some on here wont credit afro-latinas as being black).
  16. chrisman46


    In 2009, she was supposedly slated to get three outfits. Now, they barely use her. Anja should have only had her winged outfit and traded one of the others with four Doutzen's white outfit.
  17. chrisman46


    While Emanuela and Flavia seem to only have gotten an outfit each
  18. Gracie confirmed via twitter that she won't be walking this year
  19. Too bad this one isnt totally spurious though. I wonder how many girl buy all of thst VSFS-affiliated stuff
  20. I want to know who this "Nenna" is. Maybe we're mistaking letters for others.
  21. I'm with you on Cintia. There is absolutely no reason for her not to be cast. She has the body (moreso than the majority of the cast), an amazing walk, unique look, and actually smiles. If Caroline B-N can be part of the show then surely Cintia can.
  22. Judging by one of the pics posted by tlg00 on tfs of the board, I think Anja is the second one out. If thats her, someone at VS must really love her considering that this would be her third time in the opening segment.
  23. Is she actually confirmed though? I saw that they lined her, Lais, and Gracie up in a row at the beginning of the video, but ended up moving Gracie to the left side of the board by the end.
  24. I know what you mean. Her "starving day" revelation shocked me too, especially considering that that stupid model search contest had a challenge where the girls were supposed to know how to deal with reporters that ask if they have eating disorders. If she still had her 2004-2006 body (even then, she was skinnier than what she used to be), I think Anja would be perfect for VS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-oeGPPhWDs...;feature=relmfu] It's pretty sad to see how her beauty has diminished and her face hallowed out. But I guess thats the price alot hf girls like she and Natasha were willing to pay.
  25. That girl annoys me so much. It's like she thinks she graces us with her presence at the show and that's the only reason she does the show Why is that? She never actually said she thought that she was too could for the show. I have yet to see the interview where she supposedly said that she wasn't going to walk for them anymore.
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