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  1. Hello :ninja:

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    2. MattLoveModels


      I'm good Pinky, I'm an adult now! Well, for the most part I can still be pretty immature at times :laugh:. How've you been? Anyone from the old days still here?

    3. PinkCouture


      LOL...yes you are :laugh: Most guys are immature so you are in good company :p I have been ok. Hanging in there. Most people have moved on but there are a few veterans who visit here & there like Herve,  Prettyphile, Michael,  etc.


      What have you been up to these days? :smile:

    4. MattLoveModels


      Have you heard or have any contact with Josh (MLA)? I seem to have lost all contact with him and he doesn't go on last.fm anymore. Can't find him on facebook either.


      I've been doing striving to thrive you could say in Philly, doing freelance film work. Got back from London recently, was on vacation with my girlfriend there. She's from Hong Kong but we met in college back in 2014.


      How's life for you?

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