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  1. Whoops I completely missed that one! Sometimes these pages move faster than I think..
  2. Just to add some more fuel to the Natasha fire...10magazine (aka Sophia) liked quite a few of her pictures last night on Instagram. Could mean nothing, but still.
  3. Karlie's from St. Louis, Missouri, but I agree. Not as much VS for her lately, and the Nike campaign makes me curious because with VSX that's a direct competitor essentially. Her contract must not be extremely exclusive.
  4. I think her stylist is still currently Cher Coulter unless something changed.
  5. I think she's part of Andrew Saffir's NYC Cinema Society, so they're all more personal premieres sponsored by designers or brands and not the major premieres done by the studios.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out what her bully button is doing in that picture / where it is... But love her for a rookie, she's great to me.t
  7. Looks like Barbie's making an appearance.. http://swimdaily.si.com/2014/02/11/barbie-and-walter-iooss-photo-shoot-video/
  8. She did PINK for a little bit, I think that's when people started asking who she was, but that didn't last long. Wonder why. In other news, Doutzen is pregnant again!
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