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  1. These wannabe ballet type poses are so awful, you can tell none of them were dancers - or were bad ones. And Alexis looks like the next generation Samantha Hoopes. Those two are probably the worst so far.
  2. Based on this years lineup and the shift of the last few years, I get the impression MJ's trying to shift the demographic of SI toward females so she's maybe trying to pick models that would appeal to the feminist, woman power audience. Which isn't bad and, to be fair, I actually know more women that follow it than men nowadays, but she's still missing the mark even among women, I think. It seems like the lineup is mostly the weakest of the weak. The only rookies I really care for are Chase and Robin, but even then, they feel more VS than SI to me so my liking them is mostly just '
  3. Since SI is building a “brand” with their own signed models and year ‘round campaigns, I wonder if the casting calls are for that too. Like they’re going to keep posting them regardless of whether they make this issue because they could make the cut for something else.
  4. Because she’s been going through drivers ed for forever? Usually the progression from there is getting a license. There’s nothing wrong with not having one, but it’s a bit funny.
  5. Wait, let me fix that for you... “Come on, Sara is a fashion model, not a nude model. If you want someone to pose without clothes on then don’t ask a fashion model. I’m very angry about nude magazines who agree to have fashion models pose with clothes on. If you want nude models, you have plenty of models, but please don’t ask a fashion model to pose clothed if you don’t want want her to pose clothed.”
  6. It's hard to say, but if rumors are true and she's due 'around May,' I'd say she's going on seven months.
  7. If they're going to start including new plus-size ladies every year, I'd love to see Iskra Lawrence as a rookie.
  8. I actually think these three covers are better than any of the covers she did before.
  9. That thumbnail of Kate for 2017 is stunning, though.
  10. I think the first unknown body paint is Kate.
  11. Access Hollywood is filmed both in California and in New York so it's possible she's heading out.
  12. I've seen several people tag Kate Upton on Jimmy Kimmel tonight so I think it's safe to say she got the cover, unless they're trolling en masse.
  13. Now that the Jimmy Kimmel taping is over, I'm surprised no one has leaked who got the cover.
  14. Well, Kate Upton was seen leaving LAX so we at least know she's in LA, if the rumors are true.
  15. The boobs on the plus size model don't seem to match Hunter's, though. She's large chested and if anyone knows anything about women with large chests, when you lay on your stomach, they spread out quite a bit and you would see far more "spill over" to her sides. Even up on her elbows, Hunter has a lot of "side fat" along her bust and there's nothing holding her boobs in place since she's topless so her boobs would be all over the place. Whoever that is looks several cup sizes smaller to me.
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