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  1. I thought his character was hilarious

  2. Is it 'cos I is black?

    much respek

  3. Can I borrow your underwear?.....lol i wonder what people think if they were to read this out of context.

  4. yea that guy is hilarious cant wait for the Bruno movie to come out. Borat was mad funny and Ali G in Da House was crazy.

  5. nice personal pic. is that you?

  6. im still waiting on my Patron

  7. i hate you, you lima hater.....lol

    whats wrong with chitown?

  8. Not that I know of.

  9. I love your soidberg...

    way cool

  10. In a very good way

  11. XD it's just so she won't come in first because i expect people to rate her rather high

  12. french and kinky? oh, no wait its kiki, are u really french?

  13. You're Welcome :D

  14. what was the first thing MJ asked when he got to heaven? .................................. where's baby Jesus?

  15. awesome sig bro

  16. nice signiture, a bit disappointed they didnt show anything though :(

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