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    I wrote the below a hundred years ago when I first joined Bellazon, and it's too adorable for me to delete it...

    "I love fashion, but my main passion is models. <br /><br />I'm a member over at TFS, but I decided to register over here since my interest in supermodels like Christie Brinkley, Steph Seymour, Gia, Tiegs, Crawford, etc. etc. has really grown lately and I think the threads for these models are much stronger over here at bellazon :)<br /><br />My favorite model working today is Jessica Stam. I also adore Lara Stone, Maryna L, Edita, Eniko Mihalik, and Zuzana Gregorova. I probably wont visit these girls threads too much on bellazon though <3<br /><br />My favorite model of all time... Gia Carangi.<br /><br /><br />OTHER INTERESTS:<br /><br />Literature ( Faulkner, Joyce, Kerouac...), the 70s, Balmain, Gucci, writing, rock music ( from Presley to Nirvana.) <br /><br />xXx"

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  1. Modelling the 2020 Brunello Cucinelli lookbook Source: Vogue.com And for the brand's 2021 Remote Wanderers campaign Source: Brunello Cucinelli Online Store
  2. LOVE the Anson scans 😍😍 I hadn't seen those before! Thanks radolgc! What an amazing collection of Will's work.
  3. Hi again @radolgc. Maybe we're not understanding one another. Text is an imperfect medium for this sort of discussion. You say I don't understand you but I don't think you're understanding me, so obviously we're both misunderstanding. Maybe read about the Terron Wood story and the allegations against Testino, etc, if you haven't already, because that was the context of the person's "casting" comment -- not LEGIT casting but the English euphemism of "casting couch", e.g a casting director requested the sex acts via webcamming in exchange for work. Exploitation, but evidently just an industry rumour, and not exactly what happened... I wasn't moralising. It seems you've taken personal offense. I don't think it's moralising to say someone taking "advantage of the situation", exactly as you've put it yourself, without the other person's consent, is sordid. It is. Nothing wrong with two people having fun privately... Also nothing wrong with those people choosing to share it publicly if they want (as is the case in today's time with websites like OnlyFans, where the person CHOOSES to share explicit pics/vids of themselves for fun and/or money), but you've said Will wasn't in on it, hadn't OK'd the webcamming being shared, and this was shared without his consent. So, that's a horrible thing to do to anyone. Anyway, I heard what I heard from someone in the industry but you've explained from your personal knowledge of the situation that it is a rumour and not what happened. So, I'd say that's it cleared up from the OP's message and probably best not to get into any further discussion on it. 🙂
  4. Hi @radolgc! Yes, "casting" obviously didn't mean legit casting! The intimation from the individual I was speaking to was this was something done due to pressure, as happens in the industry. That's apparently what some people think... I'm glad that's an untrue bit of gossip .... but TBH the reality you have described sounds just as sordid. Fair enough if this was some kind of pre-OnlyFans situation and the "most well known male models", as you've said, were willingly involved in making and having such videos shared... but otherwise, that's horrible.
  5. I don't necessarily think this story is true, but I bring it up as it might cause "fans" interested in these exploitative images to pause and think before trying to find them... I was talking to someone in the industry awhile back. We got to discussing the #MeToo movement with respect to models, and in particular the accusations against Testino made by Terron Woods, etc. Towards the end of the conversation, they said (summarised), "It's good it's being addressed but weird that the industry and society is acting so shocked, as if this happened 50 years ago. It's still happening, and it's always been known about. Like..." and they then listed a few well known examples including, "that Will Chalker casting video" as if it was common knowledge that was what it was... It caught me by surprise so I didn't ask them about it. The convo moved on... Anyway, that characterisation of the webcam origins might very well be *TOTAL* BS. People gossip, and they link things together that aren't necessarily linked. It's just as likely to have been leaked by an ex-partner or stolen from an electronic device, for example... Still, it's super troubling and I think important to remember in these circumstances, you might think you're "innocently" looking at something "cheeky" and "fun", when in fact you're taking part in a human being's exploitation. Regardless of how the footage came to be -- an intimate moment made public or a predatory casting thing -- it's horrible. I don't know why the pictures are still allowed to be up on this site tbh... but, anyway, I don't think any "fan" of Will's work should be seeking the footage or still images out. ❤️
  6. Hi! This is Luka Tesic (In case you don't pick up my reply to the post on my status page)
  7. pull and bear

    hi,pls help me to find him.

    1. Stamoholic


      Hi there! Yes, I'm happy to help. His name is Luka Tesic :) 

    2. aisha-30


      thnk soooo much

  8. Hey! This is Henry Zaga, who is indeed an actor rather than a model 😉
  9. Hey there! This is Adrian Chabada 🙂
  10. This is Guillame Mace 🙂
  11. In case any fans can help... On August 30th my brother in law, Doug, was severely assaulted. A person hit him in the head with a baseball bat multiple times, which resulted in Doug needing brain surgery to help relieve the trauma that his brain went through. He currently is partially paralyzed and is barely able to talk. He has a very long road ahead of him for recovery. It will be quite some time before Doug will be able to work and care for himself again. We are hoping to raise some funds to lessen some of the stress the family is already experiencing. Doug's Parents, Sheri & Mel, are having to travel back and forth to go visit him. So some of the funding will go to gas money for them to be able to see Doug. Please also send postive thoughts and send prayers to Doug for his recovery. https://www.gofundme.com/f/fmyu6c-dougs-recovery?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=sms&utm_source=customer
  12. Hard to tell! It looks like she's done the following recent work with Marisota, J.D Williams and Ambrose Wilson 🤷‍♀️ But that's all I can find. She still looks so beautiful, such an "American beauty", so I'm not sure why she's not working more. Maybe she's focussing more on her family life. Marisota, J.D Williams and Ambrose Wilson online stores
  13. Somebody might be able to ID from tattoos but it's hard to see his face in that image. Do you have any others?
  14. Hi there! Blast from the past indeed! He did a lot of e-commerce work for Gant, Lee, ASOS etc back in the day but I'm not sure if he was ever signed to a major agency, which is why his name is hard to find. He now models for Jonathan Trumbull and has a skinhead. You could maybe email them and ask for his name and agency, if it's urgent. Sorry I can't be of more help, but if I come across anything further will post again.
  15. Really adore her look and playfully errant energy. What age is she? She's got such a baby-face it's hard to tell.
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