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  1. i want to unwrap his package this christmas. Sorry I had to :evil:
  2. i have no idea but i LOVE his hair
  3. ah thank you!! I kind of thought it was him when i first saw it, but he does look so young in the ads to me lol thanks again
  4. dumb question probably but is he one of the male models for American eagle fall winter line?
  5. WOW!! every photo looks retouched to hell! who ever is doing the photo editing has no business doing that Naomi Campbell would bust a cap lmao.
  6. does anyone know who the guy is that he is with in the second picture? I believe he is Julien Quevenne =) correct me if I am wrong? thank you
  7. does anyone know who the guy is that he is with in the second picture?
  8. it says the shirt is burberry did you try doing a search for burberry homme s/s or f/w that's what I usually have to do, track down the outfit lol. I'll keep an eye open
  9. wrong forum :-p I like her though
  10. pardon my french but DAMN! lol Thanks for the great pix
  11. I'm sorry I know this is a little off topic, but I have posted photos on this board before no problem but recently, the upload goes fine but when I click "reply" it doesn't add it is goes to "board message or error" something like that. I don't understand why. It's so annoying. Has anyone else had this problem? any way around it? Thank you
  12. I'll take one of those for lunch hahaha Thanks for posting, he's yummy
  13. I would say the one on the right with the two men is dolce and gabbana. I may be wrong but I am 85% sure. I know they use masks alot and the photo has the same vibe as the others.
  14. i've looked but i haven't been able to find any info on him either. hmmm
  15. I love her so much!! Thank you for all the wonderful/beautiful pictures. this is the guys forum though there is a woman's where you can post these :-) I'll look for the thread there.
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