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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday :D

  2. Oh yes - you're right! I found him. Too bad he isn't a 'real' model But thanks!
  3. The first one is def. Claudia Schiffer. The guy in the picture is Shia LaBeouf and you can find the pictures in one of his galleries.
  4. Thanks! I'll try that =) I contacted the girl who posted the images but she couldn't tell me the name of this guy either. Too bad
  5. Great, now we are three For some reason I keep connecting him with actors like Gael Garcia Bernal (as if I've seen them in a movie together). But on the board he is tagged under "models" and "portraits" so I guess he must be a model. They even say something about him being from Moscow. (although he looks more spanish or argentinian to me) Maybe that helps
  6. Hey I was wondering if someone could tell me the name of this guy: I found him on a russian site and already translated everything but they don't mention his name.
  7. I found some pictures and I think they haven't been posted yet The first two are from ICEBERG FALL/WINTER 2007/2008 and the other three from GQ JAPAN MARCH
  8. Lyon

    Happy Birthday noisz ^_^ I gave you 5 stars.

  9. If you like it I could add some text (if you want)
  10. Those pictures are great ² ankadue Found this one in the papers today - I hope, it hasn't been posted yet.
  11. they won "rock out" and "best video" and he looked great yesterday.
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