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  1. She apparently posed willingly for the nude shot as part of the shoot. Surely the only issue is around the editing and granting of permission for publication in the Love magazine issue. There is always a chance of outtakes being leaked, so, if you want to eliminate that risk don't pose naked in the first place. Having said all that I personally think the photo in question is lovely and further enhances her beauty and appeal.
  2. Frida already has a 35 page thread going.
  3. A Lui spread would be superb.......!
  4. That booty.......!!
  5. Do you have hq image of your thumbnail above Blueblazer22 ?
  6. Can't believe the difference in results, I believe Kate has a better body, more relaxed looking persona and is overall a more attractive woman.
  7. Love these pics, are they available in HQ anywhere does anyone know ?
  8. I have the same problem I am also experiencing this problem.....