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  1. This for me too. She deserves the accolade absolutely no doubt, but, I just feel her career was developing in so many directions and fear it may be stifled by the frankly boring one dimensional repetitiveness of VS.
  2. Thank you jessicanicole for getting the thread back on track.
  3. Not that rare, it was posted on Page 2 of this thread by Pith Possum.
  4. Can't wait to see her in that Lui spread. Thks, Pith.
  5. …...or, maybe she simply doesn't wish to expose her breasts. She would not be the first !
  6. Young Jodie Foster vibes in the video.......
  7. At least the monochrome one isn't censored, so , I suppose it does meet the nudity criteria ?
  8. Daphne Groeneveld - Harper's Bazaar Spain August 2017 by VBacz
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