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  1. The search function seems to be operating okay once more Pingouin.
  2. Wonderful news and the secret kept so well. Congratulations all round.
  3. Is Josephine not being a bridesmaid ?
  4. This set for V Magazine is divine💖, thanks Kane.
  5. I If you mean the girl on the opening shot of the above video it's Kris Grikaite.
  6. Those Dsquared2 posts are terriffic, thanks Pith_Possum.
  7. Lovely girl, but, I preferred her natural look before the implants.
  8. Naked Cashmere Spring 2020 Campaign (fashiongonerogue)
  9. It's Carolyn Murphy in the V Calendar, not Caroline Winberg. ( Wouldn't mind if it had been though.)
  10. In the Grammy Awards pics above Grace appears to have a small tattoo on her right side beneath her arm. Is this new as I certainly haven't noticed it before ? Also appears to have a tattoo on her left buttock in some beach/swimwear pics but have never been able to identify what it represents.
  11. Might just be the hottest VS spreads in years...!
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