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  1. hehe :D sry for being offline but a had a litlle work to do and tomorrow we go to NY :D

  2. tststs still 70 missing you're so slooooow :rofl:

  3. lol you just have to write if you need me :shifty: I've been a while offline through the holidays :D so how are you ^^ :D

  4. O_O :( nooooooooooo XD HAHAH ;) :-P

  5. haha really ? where :D

  6. hmmm chatting surfing playing games too XD visiting friends whatever hahaha :D

  7. Pip :P :D

    what's up ^^

  8. hahaha you're right this morning we have freezing 30

  9. sure ^^ hoping for white christmas :)

  10. I'm fine thx :D having lunch right now and killing the neighbours with loud music :)

  11. Droping looooooove :)

    bussy girl ^^ :D how are you ?

  12. well at the moment it's about 58

  13. great :D

    how's puerto rico? you still having sun all day? XD

  14. so kakarotto how you doin? :D

  15. ^^ thanks :D :tongue:

  16. thanks huggy :D

  17. thx a lot :D nice you could write giggsy

  18. no no :D I'm good thx how are you?

    haven't really been at home the last days, helping a friedn with his hifi system and visited some :D

  19. hahahgreattime i joined your profile ypou have 7999 views and 6999 posts :D

  20. hi what's up :)

    your inbox is full :D

  21. hahha well thx a lot good and funny to be back :)

  22. come to italy with us and you'll get a fish on your head :D *tongue*

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