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  1. Josh and Scarlett. TomKat are plain bonkers.
  2. me too! I didn't find it scary, rather more frustrating actually.. All throughout the film I was screaming at her to 'wack him with the stick! Hit him in the stomach!' The people in the trailer that 'didn't have a phone' were slightly creepy... It was so satisfying at the end when she ran over the cop.. Ah, satisfaction!
  3. sammy

    Designer jeans

    I would totally drop over $200 for a good pair of jeans
  4. I'm about 5 ft 5 and 45 kg.. thin I know, but that's the way I like it
  5. I exercise in school but that's because I have to. I hate exercise. Luckily I have a fast metabolism
  6. The original source is here, actually.
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