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  1. ..heard anything about it either. So we presume that the diploma people heard about their placements first because they are starting early. So how are you, my dear little Michael? Btw, I don't know if I told you but you are the same age as my sister, LOL.

  2. *runs and looks for your FACE FACE FACE!*

  3. *sits patiently like a good little school girl*

  4. 2 weeks? That is disasterous! How can that actually happen to Italy? And especially Lake Como?? Blehhh, I really summer to come :( My final exams starts in 3 days!! *cries*

  5. Ah I see, I think you are right. If he joins a big agency then surely his trips abroad would be covered entirely. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, whats your name? I'm Helen :D And you look really good in your profile pic even though it was from a couple of years ago.

  6. Ah well, we are having similar problems here in the UK. Fuel prices are going up, food prices are following suit! It sucks, I am going to Uni this September and I am worrying how on earth I am going to budget everything! The weather is nice today and my hayfever isn't so bad :P How old is your sister? Mine is 26!!

  7. Ah, you are now back to school, what grade are you in??

  8. Ahah, funny how you still use the word "school" :p Well, the Uni lifestyle is definitely very different; it's hectic, fun and whatnot. I bought a printer today with my flatmate and I feel so happy, now I can print off my lecture presentations ;)

  9. Ahaha, I miss talking to you too. So have you got my postcard from Hong Kong? Or has the huricane blew it away?

  10. Ahaha, oh really? Is that the way it should be done? Lol, I guess I can do both- playing badminton and speaking german at the same time, oh ja! My parents came to visit me today and it was nice to see them, my mum cried when we were out having dinner because she was worried that I am not eating much because I have lost "alot of weight" in her eyes :/

  11. Ahaha, your little story was so funny, I can't believe that they refused to register you....Well, I will start my placement sometime in Jan next year I think so I have time to sort it out. Have a wonderful weekend :D

  12. Ahahah ok, I shall trust in your driving. Woohooo, I am learning how to drive soon :D

  13. Ahahah, I am not surprised with the mud really. It rained like HELL when I was in Wales and the trip consisted of mud, rain, biological research, land and SHEEP!

  14. Ahahaha, both would be brilliant! I just posted a comment on my KOL friend's Facebook and she said that she would love to go. Honestly, the ticket prices are quite decent. Let's hope that we can get something sorted.

  15. Ahahha, and you knew exactly what I was talking about! Good on you for being quick! So, if you don't mind me asking, do you have to work 24 hours?

  16. AHhaha, being a nurse is pretty cool. I volunteered in a hospital last summer for 6 weeks and that was the most productive summer I have ever had in my life! Hehehe, if you need any help in the future just drop a comment :D My dream would be working for MSF oneday!

  17. Ahhaha, something more human is always good. I am doing well, I finished all of my exams yesterday!! Although last night I had a bit of a low moment, you know, you are happy you finished but not happy because the exams you did you reckon that you did really badly on them....How about you? Future sexy mama pilot Jorge?

  18. Ahhh, the only time on TV that KOL will be on is at 11pm tonight and I am busy doing something then :( I guess I will have to catch up with it on BBC iPLayer. Um, I am not too sure about the others, obviously if Coldplay is playing then I would watch them too, on TV of course since I don't have tickets!

  19. AHHHH, that nasty taxi driver look just flashed across my mind! Lol, I bet you are better looking than that :p Hehehe, everyone needs a hug, I will give you a vitual hug then *hug* What are the customers like?

  20. And as for the personal photo, it was me with my friend who went to Slovenia 2 years ago. Our school had a dress up day and my year group was the 70s, so we were hippies. We sung "kumbaya" and made banners and fake spliffs..I am holding one right there with my hand!

  21. And horray for the three-day weekend! I went clubbing with some friends on Thursday night and Friday felt like Saturday, lol, as if the I am already in the weekend! So what are you planning to do this then? I am going shoe shopping!

  22. And yeah, your profile photo if very convincing.... xD

  23. And yes, I am most likely to start my diet of toasts 24/7 from tomorrow onwards...OH LORD HELP ME!!

  24. AND YOUR PROFILE PHOTO LOOKS GOOD. Btw, are you russian? If so, HELLO THERE! I ahve a couple of Russian friends :D

  25. As for siblings, I only have one sister and tbh, one is ENOUGH! My semester starts on the 22nd next month (Freshers week) but I am moving in on the 18th which is ok as I have a few days to settle down and etc. Have you ever been to Manchester?

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