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  1. GG






    Hi! :ddr:

  2. Happy birthday Mahi!


  3. The top five is about to be revealed. :laugh:




    20 through 11 eleven on the way!

  5. A huge thank you again to those taking the time to vote, I love you all. There's still a couple of days left for anyone who still wants to submit a list. :wave:


  6. Scrolling right down to the bottom of the forum (as I'm occasionally prone to doing), I chance upon the notification that it's your birthday. So happy birthday! :excited:

    1. HitchcockBlonde


      Thank you! :flower: 

      A little bit too hungover today considering all the work I have to do haha.

  7. Happy birthday to the coolest X-fan I know! :)

  8. May I say, I love your Jourdan set! :)

  9. Huh? Just a box...

  10. Hey Danni, maybe it's my own obliviousness, but I haven't seen you around here in a while. Welcome back!

    1. DanniCullen


      ^Yes, I had no internet for a few months at home. But back now! :D

  11. Love the new set! :)

    1. Jennka


      Thank you Michael! Eniko is precious, shame on me I did not notice her earlier!

    2. Michael*


      Same here, I don't know why but I only started to like her this year. To my eternal shame, I hadn't noticed her that much in the past. :(

  12. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Daria fan! :)

    1. EveryStronger


      jajaja, a pleasure to meet you :3

  13. So I think I've finally got the hang of this new 'profile feed' thingy. How've you been? :D

    1. FashionDream


      Hiiiiiiiii :hugs: Yeah the new set up takes awhile to get used to. But i've been good... just got back from Ottawa which was a fun trip :) How about yourself? How've you been?

    2. Michael*


      Can't complain! Desperately trying to get into the habit of checking the profile feed. :D So, what was the best bit of your trip? :)

  14. Really? That's one of the strangest things I've heard for ages. :D MTV detests music, that's for sure, but I would have thought the show would fit in pretty well on their current schedule - I mean, Beavis and Butthead is back, isn't it?

  15. I've made it about halfway through Bregje's thread now, she's really growing on me, but I'm having to really fight the urge to call her 'Heineken'. :D

  16. Toronto's pretty nice though, isn't it? From what I've seen on TV, at least. :)

  17. Until now, I've always resisted having two moving ones at once, but I found two that I liked at once and simply thought 'ah, what the heck?' Not suggesting there's a link between Lana Del Rey and Aliens, but you know, never say never and all that. :D

  18. I thought it might be one of those movie deals where he was training us up for some kind of tournament - maybe my lack of fighting skills are counting against me. :D

  19. I'm going to have to have a proper run through of her thread, I think - it's on my 'to do' list right after 'watch True Grit'. :D

  20. Ah, so is it safe to assume that there are some kind of festivities taking place, then? :)

  21. I need no encouragement to drink a coca-cola at the best of times. :D So, Ottawa - sounds good! Business or pleasure? :)

  22. Happy birthday! :)

  23. I'm well, thanks, your content pic thingy is making me thirsty for coca-cola. :D How's it going for you? :)

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