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  1. I can already hear Big Al's weekly soundbites on Match of the Day, each one starting with "no disrespect to Steve, but...", although I'd imagine Bruce will be given roughly about as much time as Steve McClaren was, perhaps even more. Dave Whelan appointed him twice too of course, maybe he's just catnip to downmarket sporting retailers. Hardly surprising though that so many thoroughly average managers keep getting such decent gigs when the best thing some pundits can manage on the subject is "I thought Moyes might have been a better fit." The lack of insight borders on painful sometimes.
  2. Some of the European nations have enjoyed such a meteoric rise as of late that it seems to have highlighted a few of the others perhaps resting on their laurels a little. USA though were in a class of their own from the outset this year, and while we as fans do tend to love an underdog, I've always regarded it as important that the best team at a World Cup wins it. There can be no doubt at this point that they were exactly that. Still, perhaps in the future, with increased investment and presumably more young girls taking up the game, we'll see the gap continue to close. It should be interesting to see where we stand in four years' time.
  3. I guess it's safe to assume, with the release of Super Endgame: Turbo Edition evidently now in the pipeline, that Feige really wants that record. I imagine some folks will consider the whole thing a bit of a cheat, but given that Avatar's official box office total includes an extra $30m raked in after its own re-release, I suppose you'd have to say there's no reason why Marvel couldn't or shouldn't do the same. Apart from anything else though, it's the movie of the year with more stuff, so hey, I'm in.
  4. Yeah, although I probably wouldn't put it up there with the very best of the MCU, it didn’t really need to be for me, it just needed to be good fun and it was. Not everyone cares for the origin story formula or Marvel's brand of humour, so sure, there are going to be people out there who have legitimate criticisms, but in no way are they close to being in the majority or the loudest critics. The fact that there were two review bombings and a bot attack of the Rotten Tomatoes page is evidence of that too. Meanwhile, on lower traffic audience score sites it's sitting in the same 75-90% range as the vast majority of Marvel's output.
  5. Enjoyment of S3, I suspect, will depend entirely on how much you still care about the characters after all this time. For me, it's been a reminder of just how good Marvel's Netflix stuff can be at its best. Forgive the slight tangent, but the thought occurs that if all this takes place before 'the snap', and Marvel can't use the characters again for a number of years, they could bring them back later and really delve into the consequences of Endgame. So following the timeframe of the movie would more or less line everything up with the real-world timeframe when Marvel gets the rights back. Coincidence?
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