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  1. :wave:

    1. MattLoveModels


      The boy that lived! How/where in the world are these days?

    2. Berno


      Still in Ireland! Living my best life haha. I tend to log on every few months when a random bellazon memory just pops into my head. Usually it's of a very cringey moment 😂 How are you doing bud?

  2. Berno

    Hope you don't mind me adding you.. :shifty:

    I want more friends...haha

  3. Oh hello, bitch...

  4. No, because I said you are instead of you do..

    I'm usually so assured with my english.. lol

  5. Whats your reason for stalking me?

  6. You knoww, it's rude if you don't leave a comment after viewing someones profile! :blah:

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :hug:

    Hope you've had a great day.. :)

  8. I could've drop boxed you...

  9. LOL

    I forgot to comment you earlier. :D

    hmm, wuzzup?

    not much really, just doin' ma homework! :D

    You baby? IVL

  10. Oh I'm totally in love.. :P And i took that video myself, we're tight like that...She hasn't accepted me on facebook yet tho, dunno why..lol

  11. Passed! :D Needed 36 out of 40 and i got 37 :D

  12. Same hereee..

    jesus christ you're so fucking irritating...

  13. Hey..I'm pretty good, how are you? :)

  14. Thanks! Glad i passed it first time round...I cant wait to start driving :D

  15. You wont light me on fire..

    because I'll have already thrown you in front of a car.. :)

  16. haha, OK then. :P

    So how is my sweet Miss nistiQ? ;)

  17. Yes....for today :shifty:

    lol...bye :P

  18. Sorry, I've been a bit busy (sleeping) to reply to you...

    I think i have the flu. :( I hope not though, because id infect everybody in school. :o :rofl:

  19. Wow, havent checked my profile in a while! :P And yeah i replied, did you not get it? Thats been happening to me lately, because someone else never got a message from me when i sent it like 3 times :o & I guess i really am a blondie's fan now :P

  20. Well I'm mean,

    deal with it.. :)

  21. Layla. :) How are you? :shifty:

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