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  1. whats up with you, you freakin disappeared. grr

  2. Rumor has it Gonzalez Girl is absolutely right
  3. Rumor has it Gonzalez Girl is fucking right
  4. Jesus... The first half was awesome, the last half was so-so. It was certainly pretty decent, and a fine way to kill a couple of hours. Will Smith FTW
  6. {name}


    - Do you/have you done them? I smoke weed every so often, and do cocaine probably once or twice a week. In the past I've tried Marijuana, Powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth and Ecstasy. - Do you like them? As long as you have a non-addictive personality, and strong self-control, getting high in a social setting, or for utility (Powder -- Cocaine -- and Tina -- Crystal Meth -- are both great if you're tired and want a boost, and to keep focused on work), doesn't hurt anyone. But it's important not to get addicted. I certainly don't recommend that people start doing drugs, but if you like it, and it's not screwing with your life, nothing wrong with it. - What's your favourite? Tina. I don't fuck with it much though, cuz it's expensive, it fucks with your skin, it's very strong, and it's very addictive. But a Tina high is freaking unbeatable. You feel like you're the king of the world, you fuck like a pornstar, and you have the energy of a goddamned storm trooper. - Would you date someone that does them - "socially" or addicted? Socially, yeah. Addicted, no. I mean I had a friend who was addicted and that motherfucker was insane. He once put a knife to my throat. Now he's not addicted (cocaine), he's a really good guy. Same with one of my roommates. - Would you buy them for someone else. Absolutely. Pay in advance, 20% for the walk.
  7. Rumor has it London is keeping a low profile to hide from Jason Bourne. Get your arse on msn, goddamnit!
  8. Rumor has it london is here to torment me some more
  9. is too much to describe in this post
  10. That was addressed to God. Should not be blasphemous and assume she is God. I am. Not you.
  11. only the strongest will survive! lead me to heaven when we die! i am the shadow on the wall! i'll be the one to save our souls... one at atime... don't fight me now...
  12. is also stating the obvious
  13. is giving me a hug and a flower
  14. Rumor has it London should engage in pre-bedtime activities first.
  15. Rumor has it london is being a naughty girl.
  16. i'll have to bring tom cruise. He will bring you to tears by politely calling you a jerk
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