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  1. Sugar Free and Gluten Free

    Gluten free is hard at first, buit I think you get used to it after a while. It's a lot more expensive though. A lot of grocery stores are carrying gluten free products, places like Whole Foods have a great selection.
  2. Sigrid Agren

    No, that's Karmen Pedaru.
  3. Bianca Balti

    Bianca + Simone, my two favorite Italians! I'd love to see them together in another campaign for the f.w 2012 season. I wonder what show Bianca will show up in in NYFW?
  4. Lina Tesch

    I think this Lina Tesch person is a photographer not a model.
  5. Davina Mulimbi

    I know it says Davina is Brazilian in the title, but she's actually Belgian
  6. Constance Jablonski

    No that's not her.
  7. Kamila Wawrzyniak

    That's Kamila Filipcikova, not Kamila W. at Chanel Couture.
  8. Brandon Flowers

    IDK if anyone knows about this, but they did a cover of this "Four Winds" song: It's really good!
  9. Maria Lynn Ehren

    On the cat walk:
  10. Maria Lynn Ehren

    More Covers One infront on the L Far right last model ---
  11. Maria Lynn Ehren

    Covers: ----
  12. Maria Lynn Ehren

    Maria Lynn Ehren Age: 16 From: Thailand
  13. Christelle Lefranc

    I think the nude photo's are new. I'm looking for Christelle runway pictures, but most of the shows she was in are on firstview with payed accounts, anyone with a first view account want to help find any runway pictures? Also I saw this photo of her with a cat on her head abut it was at some pay website, anyone have that photo? the site with the photo http://www.celebplaza.com/celebrity-previe...le_Lefranc/all/
  14. Bianca Balti

    my guy friends don't like her either I showed a picture of her to one of my friends too and he thought she was ugly. But I think she's super sexy, and definetly not horsey like some people think! But then I'm Italian and she looks like a lot of the Italian girls here in my part of CT, so to me she just looks normal. lol