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  1. you're not paparazzi are you?
  2. ^ i succeeded in that a long time ago, darling
  3. is full of threats, but is secretly very sweet
  4. No. Where? I might go tomorrow night. Do you know you have similar tastes to me
  5. {name}

    Scarlett Johansson

    I love her so much. She looks just identical to an ex-girlfriend of mine. I miss her so much
  6. A lot. Do you like Baltimore
  7. I am going into the military, yeah. Are you?
  8. College Park (New Carrolton) Are you a baltimoron?
  9. Hell yeah Are you a fan of classic movies/style
  10. I dont know him/her do you think you are hot
  11. needs to get her fine arse on msn and entertain me
  12. ^^I think so. ^Yeah Do you know martial arts
  13. Rumor has it London is much more innocent than she pretends to be
  14. ^ rumor has it that's because London loves angry sex and likes to get turned on by the sight of [solo] breaking iron chains with his steel balls.
  15. rumor has it London is protecting my balls with her life for she protects all that she loves
  16. rumor has it London perfected an incredible genetic technique so that her babies contain only the father's genes
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