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  1. TYou dunno who Tolkien is? As in JRR Tolkien. Writer of Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, the Adventures of Tom Bombadill... o_o

  2. That's alright, love. ^_^ Did you have a good day?

  3. I liked the movie for the Da Vinci Code; I thought that was good. But the book was just hard for me to get into. You like Tolkien?

  4. That's alright. ^_^ I are being social and meeting peoples! *claps* That and I seem be detached if I dun speak to people.. I'm random like that. How are you?

  5. I tried reading Dan Brown... I got bored lol! XD

  6. Happy Birthday. ^___^

  7. Pandora, Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Armand, Blood & Gold, Feast of all Saints, Servant of the Bones, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned (the movie completely effed the book.. coz they tried merging two books. And boy was Anne PISSED) and.... I'd have to say Vittorio: the Vampire and Lasher.

  8. Awww. I'm here ^_^ I turn 20 next Tuesday!

  9. Yes! *_* But, I'mma admit, not my favourite. I'm an Anne Rice fan; her writing captivates me.

  10. You bet I am *_* I'm in love with Fred and George... s'why i cried so much in the 7th book. :( And I hearted Tonks and Lupin!

  11. Hello ^_^ I think your set is absolutely adorable >.<

  12. I have work to keep me occupied x_x and I start my new job tomorrow night. Fwee.

  13. MUAHAHA! :rofl:

  14. Hey, nothing much. ^_^ You?

  15. XD Only if you want to... I wouldn't hurt chu.. too much. *shifty*

  16. :O! I know your name now.. *shifty*

  17. You. You need to message me back now XD

  18. I aced mosta my mid-year exams! Only have.. 3 left! Boo-yah!

  19. Aww... chu make me blush! And my exam went exellant. I aced it. Booah.

  20. I should. Just need some R&R... x__x wanna do my Uni assignments for me? *offers cake as bribary*

  21. *giggles* Yes, yes it is me. Why?

  22. my Saturday has shaped up to be... crap. and Friday night was worse x__x I dun go anywhere... because I'm sick. *sad face*

  23. *pokes* i see you. You and your gorgeous profile pic >.<

  24. I will try... ^__^

  25. Thank you. ^__^ My activity might be less because of it. -.- I had a flu shot, but I think I might have bronchitus o_o my chest feels all yucky.. <_< Blech!

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