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    Fav Models:<br /><br /><br />Adriana Lima<br />Jennifer Hawkins<br />Emily Didonato<br />Rianne Ten Haken<br />Megan Ewing<br />Ana Beatriz Barros<br />Jennifer Lameraquai<br />Jeisa Chimanazzo<br />Miranda Kerr<br />Raica Oliveira<br />Catrinel Menghia<br />Barbara Herrera<br />Alessandro Ambrosio<br />Heidi Klum<br />Bruno Santos<br />Andrei<br />Uriel Del'Toro<br />Tyson Beckford<br />Gabriel Aubry<br />Theo Theodorides<br />Marcus Schenkenberg<br />Romulo Pires<br />Guillaume Gabriel<br />Jeremy Dufour<br />Rafael Lazinni<br />Mateus Verdelho<br />Boyd Holbrook<br />Evandro Soldati<br />Thomas Beaudoin<br /><br /><br /><br />^_^ I like PhotoShop, hanging with friends and basically spending my time constuctively. I'm a student at University and I'm rather random, with a fascination for sparkly things.

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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. The Blind Side - 10/10 Alice in Wonderland - 6/10 Clash of the Titans - 10/10
  4. *__* Thanks Nothingless! Ana is looking more grogeous than ever!
  5. Sexy voice, sexy man, wicked music... Can't wait till they tour Australia this November!
  6. Just wanted to say that I adore your signature. ^__^

  7. Hello! ... I'm a recent Dufour fan. xD I think he's got the classic elegance to him... he can come park his boots under my bed any day... HOO-AH! Him and Brunto Santos... *would be a very happy girl then*
  8. I wish I could remember to be active on BZ more often... rather than once or twice a year... =| When I used to be super active...
  9. *cruises through your page*

  10. MWAHAHA just cruising through... xD Helloooooo ^__^

  11. I hope all is well with you.. And you have a wonderful new year!! *Hugs*

  12. Its been awhile.. how have you been?

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