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  1. Gianni Versace and different other designer like Thierry Mugler etc did 2 shows back to back especially couture because the venues like the Ritz in Paris was not as big there was the first show with celebrity guest and press in attendance and a second show for buying customers and buyers for shops
  2. thank you for that post. i like to flip through mags online. so i know what not to buy on ebay i just wish there was the same archive for elle magazine .)
  3. It's impossible this woman is Rosemarie. :x I've found her profile in Priscilas Model Managemen Look at this link http://www.priscilla...s...ge=&letter=
  4. now i know the name of that bald one.
  5. There ought to be a law against a woman who looked that good gaining that much weight. Tragic. :( to her defense: she gave birth to her third child two months ago.
  6. Horrific! Nadja last friday at a charity event. but it was not a halloween party!!
  7. great editorial helenalover! here is claudia at giles deacon runway London Spring/Summer 2011
  8. great runway comeback at Ungaro SS 2011! body and legs are perfect!
  9. Hi fender I love all your scans!! very nice!
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