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  1. sharks

    Praha model

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know or recognize that beautiful czech model She says her name in this video, but i can ear it clearly : Andrea Zamachikova ??? http://www.ongagnetoujoursaetredirect.com/wp-content/uploads/saga-da/s2/videos/gps.mp4 If anyone can help, thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for your quick answer Kimflorida, but I don't think this is her
  3. Hello all and my best wishes for this new year I come back with a new picture of that beautiful blonde (again for Le Bourget hosiery) . Does anyone can help please ?
  4. Hi modelknoledge, Thanks for your answer, she's close but I m not quite sure it is her, something in the teeth doesn't match, she also looks younger on your links but the pictures may be old.
  5. A bigger one, maybe it could help you to ID her ....
  6. Hello everybody. Does anyone know who's that girl ? Latest french campaign for hosiery brand Le Bourget
  7. sharks

    blond nelly.com

    Thanks guys ! i was not expecting someone to answer one day, but real seekers go deep in the forum to complete their missions... I went on her thread (http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/47659-megan-williams/?hl=%20megan%20%20williams) and if it is hard to recognize her on some glamourous pics, but on most of the others pics the face is quite the same. Thank you again, you're too strong
  8. hello everybody, Anyone knows who's that gorgeous blond on nelly.com
  9. Thx brucie !!! Any clue for the first model ?
  10. Hello all, Anyone knows whos those blonds are ? First one looks like Chloe lloyd but I'm not sure and this pretty one... THX
  11. Well done "Hawkeye" Le Gator, it's Nadine. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, Someone knows who that blond is ? Pretty sure she's not Mathilda Jansson nor Elsa Hosk nor Klara Wester so...? and is this beautiful blond Hanna Edwinson ? Thanks for helping
  13. Hi everybody I'm trying to capture the videos on nelly.com (lot of products are shown in a small video with the model walking on a catwalk like) but it resists on all the easy ways I know to capture videos. It seems more complicated, I mean too hard for me. If someone ever managed to capture one of those videos please let me know the way. Thanks everyone for this beautiful forum.
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