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  1. He's soooo gorgeous, I'm so glad he decided to model again!! He looks so much more mature and even hotter! Love the scruff
  2. Woooow these guys are awesome! They have a video for The Rejection at I'd post images if I knew how, they really are worth a look. Mike Furey is yummy
  3. so much <3 for ryan taylor!
  4. thanks! I do live really close to Canada...
  5. <3333! I never got that the line on his face was a scar! I love that he never got it patched up.
  6. Oceaan

    Zac Efron

    Ew. I never understood the whole Zac Efron thing. He does have nice eyes, though. Maybe if I didn't think of high school musical whenever I saw him, I'd get it.
  7. I loved Bourne, Atonement, and Into The Wild. Eastern Promises was good too. So I chose other
  8. Hello all, my name is Emily, and I live in a small town in Maine. I'm 16 and trying to survive high school. Just thought I'd finally join after drooling over the ryan taylor and gaspard threads...so. I love the ocean, hence the name.
  9. lol those pictures almost busted my dinosaur computer! if i was even slightly crazier than I am now, I'd stalk this guy. <3
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