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  1. oops... didn't post correctly
  2. Maybe Azucena? I think she has a thread here
  3. Kate40

    Vintage covers

    2 & 12 Phyllis Betsill
  4. #4 might be Sandra Zatezalo #6 is Tanya Fourie
  5. Kate40

    VS Model's ID

    Alexandra Brochen
  6. Kate40

    VS Model's ID

    Hard to tell but she looks like Elizabetta Ramella to me
  7. Damn, I wish we knew who this girl is. I've seen her before. She's one lovely unknown.,, I don't know if you're still looking for this girl but I think its Melissa McKnight. She was married to Matt LeBlanc years ago.
  8. Does anyone know who she is?
  9. Nice to see she's still modeling! She's lovely
  10. Carol Alt is the first Vogue and I think the Elle is Alexa Singer
  11. What are these girls supposed to move on to? No one knows them because (at least in the US) models don't get magazine covers, celebrities do. (I blame InStyle) and not everyone shops at VS. Other than a cover, where is a model's name attached to her face?
  12. She looks stunning! And thank you dvitch for ALL the Golden Globe photos! You've been busy
  13. These are the ones I have 2/82 Mariel Hemingway is Bill King Avedon did 4/82 Rosemary, 6/82 Kelly, 3/85 Alexa and 6/88 Cathy.
  14. She is Lara Naszinski Thank you so much!!
  15. Can anyone identify this model?
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