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    I am very busy building a sister website (also on this platform) that will be strictly vintage models.

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  1. Main image is Debi Brett
  2. @missparker7looks like she must be on the Need ID list.
  3. I love her!! She is Pia Lundström (Lindstrom?) TY for the comp!!
  4. YES I looked last night and there are 3 or 4 actually.
  5. I started my journey as a MAJOR Duran Duranaphile and ended up ditching them for their girlfriends!!!
  6. YEAH! She's a FORD model.... I think I need to buy some FORD books... FORD models for me are the hardest to ID: 1. They were not on Marlowe website 2. They almost all have that very blonde/classic/generic/Scandinavian/California girl look that is hardest for me to tell them apart. * @missparker7 this does NOT include Renee who is GORGEOUS, STUNNING and EXOTIC ...and remember was my very, very, very first favorite model alongside Yasmin LeBon (Yes it was Duran Duran that introduced me to fashion models). 🤓
  7. The model on the album and Keito Dama is Debbie Jones
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