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  1. hahahah :D you made my day :)) thank you!

  2. you are right! hmmm are you saying "good, how did you enjoy your weekend?" lol Im late, sorry, I was busy and I watched some matches in ice hockey - its my love :) do you like it?

    Ehm, I think this will hard for you....Tesis se na letni prazdniny? ;)

  3. thank you Joe! Merry Christmas! :)

  4. I love your new set!

  5. I thought thats you! :) I love your pose!

    I dont know which my photo use lol But maybe sometimeees I'll upload pic of me..

  6. yay! Im really glad you like my country :clap:

    I guess you were in Prague, right?? and some another places??

    I cant wait to visit Ireland! but its question of years.. :(

    Have a great weekend! :kiss:

  7. well..its horrible. Im just on the family cottage...here is very very bad connection to internet - thats why I wasnt long time on BZ. But now I have (thanks to God) better signal and I can go to BZ :clap: and maybe...I will go to the promised air trip to the Greece :ddr:

    how abt you?

  8. :clap: thanks! :)

  9. you are nice, thank you very much! *kiss*

    how are you?

  10. really?? I guess its not old, or at the most 2 years old - because of her blonde hair and face - I guess this editorial was made after tsunami.

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