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  1. Posting Instagram images is not against the terms and conditions of this forum. Unless they are actually pulled from a private Instagram and are not readily available to the public they are perfectly acceptable.
  2. Match 21 Vitoria Brugnera - 6 Lisiane Witt - 10 Victoria Chirino - 5 Match 22 Alexandra Porfirova - 4 Lucia Bramani - 4 Yuan Lin - 10
  3. Alina Kirchiu - 24yr Little over on the ig .. she's at 43k https://www.instagram.com/alinaalien/?hl=en
  4. Gergana Kokucova Bojana Drobnjak Kristy Lani Karolina Malina Veridiana Ferreira Kate Li Margaux Brazhynk Sasha Khmelovska Kailey Hsu Sylwia Butor Darcyl Williams Gemma Vence Saige Peterson Abigail Zientek If you're still looking for girls At the time of posting this all of them have under 40k followers on Ig.. not sure of some of their ages
  5. https://www.instagram.com/nikolnkll/?hl=en There you go
  6. Quite frequently contracts for images are not in perpetuity. They will contract the model for x time, or for x shoot, but the rights to use the images will likely be contracted for an extended period of time. Ie. Model1 was contracted for a year long contract, but they retain the rights to use the images for 10 years, even after they stop working with the model.
  7. We don't have a policy against asking for the identity of underage models or posting images so long as they are fully clothed.
  8. Huntertalentagency Winkmodels Eye Color - Hazel Hair Color - Brunette Height - 175cm Waist - 66cm Shoe - 9.5 Dress - 8 Chest - 84cm Hip - 93
  9. I think you're operating under some fairly big misunderstandings when it comes to this magazine.
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