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  1. :| tell me that i dont need to spoon feed you like nicole. well nicole was more a vicious battle of wills (i won obviously *looks suave*), but :| i had to do a lot of episode suppliage
  2. Dead Rising. seriously if you dont have a HDTV dont buy this. you cannot read any of the text otherwise. And theres a lot of text.
  3. jenny "wif" angelina: they were in "foxfire" together, google it.
  4. what does everyone think of the new shuffles and nanos
  5. Agreed, i doubt aliens give a shit about our technology or our ass cavities.
  6. k_dub was correct to say that yes, some models are naturally slender, waify, lanky, whatever. Its almost the equivalent of saying no fat chicks. But like... the modelling industry has always been about superficiality and preferences to certain looks so i guess they can do what they bluddy want
  7. Peter called the angry monkey meg if that helps. why the hell wouldnt kunis come back family guy is the shiznit. and theres no other news on the matter so
  8. :| also case in point why all little children should be gagged
  9. WHAAAT! hi! *runs off giggling*
  10. it rocked! ah stewie. how i missed you
  11. lmao trust her to find a puppydog. shes crazy about them. she looks really nice! thanks for posting nicoler!
  12. this thread is giving me a horrible case of city-envy *green*
  13. i think the threads progressive so there will be new model vs. model duels in the thread. a poll would be useless
  14. Hmmm.. Natalia? id have to see some naked mudwrestling to be 100% sure.
  15. whoo omg ive never seen those ones shes so beautiful spankya nicole wurd.
  16. Sydney! (as seen in finding Nemo y'all) sydney on newyears (actually this is a pre olympics celebration i think but lets not quibble about the details): llamas preferred beach about 30mins out from where i live by car feh
  17. I dont know I have black outs in my memory. But when i finally come around theres usually a lot of blood and corpses
  18. word. people who post spoilers will be stripped naked and hung up by the ankles in the rain. One spoiler can destroy a whole season of this show
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