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  1. A few choice selections from Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinmichellexo/
  2. Think you mean Treatsmagazine.com, specifically https://treatsmagazine.com/vita-sidorkina-cameron-hammond/
  3. In the previous forum software version, I could go to a list of topics I follow. Clicking on the icon beside each topic would take me to the first post I hadn't yet seen. Now, it seems the closest I can get is an activity stream that explicitly lists every comment in every topic I follow. This makes it difficult to quickly get to the content. Does functionality similar to the old topic list still exist?
  4. I guess our definition of "exactly" is different. Alyssa has green eyes, the photo has brown (which I know you've addressed, but I would call more than a slight difference). The eyebrows are different, there's no mole, and doing a simple Google image search comes up with Deirdre Barnes
  5. That amount might not be to help her, but to punish Suny.
  6. Who's the first model in the video - with the photo at 0:45? Gorgeous.
  7. Carolyn Murphy for Chanel
  8. http://www.bombgirls.info/people/miranda_k...Qjz8L.thumb.jpg http://www.bombgirls.info/people/miranda_k...SQ5ZJ.thumb.jpg http://www.bombgirls.info/people/miranda_k...Xf5ES.thumb.jpg http://www.bombgirls.info/people/miranda_k...Io2nA.thumb.jpg
  9. This woman just doesn't know how to take a bad picture.
  10. Don't think any of these are doubles:
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