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  1. So versatile! She's as believable and fitting in the sensual as the catalog.
  2. Is this butt competition still going on? :laugh:


  3. If it seems to be real, its illusion. For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life. Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer.
  4. Aline Weber Beauty: 8 Body: 5 Boobs: 5 Butt: 5 Sexiness: 8 Bruna Colpa Beauty: 7 Body: 5.5 Boobs: 6 Butt: 5 Sexiness: 9 Uiliana Lima Beauty: 9 Body: 6 Boobs: 5 Butt: 5 Sexiness: 9 Fernanda Liz Beauty: 6 Body: 5 Boobs: 5.5 Butt: 5 Sexiness: 5
  5. @peroxideblonde January...February...March, April, May, your competition was fun to play. Thank for your effort. It was a very interesting idea. I hate that I missed the butt cheek and boobie versions, but this had to have been even better. Eyes and legs are probably model's most competitive features.
  6. My horse was already long out of the race. I just want to know who that yellow eyed chick was.
  7. @JROCK177217 @VS19 @Maggiemay End this rightly.
  8. It seems as though westerns do almost always have great soundtracks. As to which ones I like, I would say pretty much something from every category. TV theme songs seem to have fallen off, but games and movies still seem to put in the effort. I'm a big fan of anime soundtracks too. There's a lot of other melodies I know without being able to put a name to them. I'll have to go through the thread to see if any others have already been answered. Speaking of anime...
  9. I've been trying to find this song like forever...
  10. That was a joke. Lisalla Montenegro Beauty: (face or as a whole) 6 Body: 6 Boobs: 6 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 7 Kamila Hansen Beauty: (face or as a whole) 7 Body: 6 Boobs: 5 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 8 Emanuela De Paula Beauty: (face or as a whole) 6 Body: 7 Boobs: 7 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 7 Anna Avila Beauty: (face or as a whole) 7 Body: 6 Boobs: 5 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 4
  11. Eyes, lips and hips. Nice variety of poses too.
  12. Of course you know Nathaniele. Per the search, her thread was deleted though. Fernanda Prada is a much bigger name being the heiress to the Prada empire, but I had to look her up to know what she looked like.
  13. I nominate Uiliana Lima and Diana Villas Boas then.
  14. @Enrico_sw This post is just too good to be true.
  15. Beautiful woman and nice name.
  16. Good to see her working. Thanks to everyone.
  17. "Favorite Brazilian Model," because everyone knows Gisele is the best. Seriously, I just wanted to make sure Cintia's Brazilianness wasn't forgotten.
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