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  1. one of the most beautiful girls and the only decent angel, vs put her in the dark.......with trashy music. i don't even know how to say this
  2. OH MY GOD, i've been thinking it was because she did not show up at casting at all!!! and look how beautiful she was there...VS always manages to f--- things up in certain way
  3. Karlie is so wrong on every level....and i don't think it's because of the outfit..... she and Taylor should fall directly from the stage, and yet, hand in hand.
  4. i think she's classic in the show & after party, and luckily her outfits in the show are not ugly... (she always has the best taste imo
  5. so glad to see her, btw, congrats for her being newly wedded!!
  6. Would anyone please upload the editorial "All Tomorrow's Parties" from W magazine 2013, march issue?
  7. i love your standard, and yeah, what a mystery that photographers wouldnt want to see the amazing body....
  8. has he ever shot naked? besides that flag
  9. ha ha ha, my thoughts exactly. seeing her new work is always pleasure. Just can't get enough...
  10. yeah, that hair reminds me Natalie Portman in Leon, in a good way! btw, i wish she does more fashion shows and editorial, i think she succeed in commercial too early...and all she gets now are Jeans, Jeans, Jeans...not to complain but it is a waste of beauty like her!
  11. somehow he remind me of Tyson B. but Sam got a more innocent look both of them are hot though
  12. so glad that she still works! want her back on the runway soooooooo bad!
  13. our beauty is back for some business!!! she walked for NYFW !!!!!
  14. i've wondered what happened to Carmen's wings in 2nd segment it never shows up in the formal show (nor any other pics) but it does show up in the edited show
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